Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Effects of Facebook Changes

“There's lots of stuff none of us have ever seen before. That's good in some ways, but limiting in other ways.” - Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook has just said it, there are still many changes that are yet to be seen so if people are already complaining about the layout changes, the privacy settings changes and many other changes that Facebook is going through, save your other feedbacks for the many other so called improvements. Facebook is like a baby learning and trying to crawl. Or should I say, a child that's trying to ride a bike or a car perhaps (with its rapid growth). The point is, we can't expect such a huge community to remain the way it used to be when you joined it. Everyday, Mark Zuckberberg and his developers are trying to find ways to improve and plan strategies on how to fully optimize the site and give its users the most satisfying experience.

Why is it then that we're getting more and more users are irritated with the changes than being thrilled with it? A lot of people are complaining about losing their favorite bookmarks (and with that I mean bookmarks to their favorite games and other applications) and some buttons are un-clickable lately. Well, I don't have problems with the new layout except that it's a little confusing. Aside from that, I think the over-all changes are fine. I don't have problems with the privacy settings changes because it actually gave me more security options.

Most of the time, people just complain just because a change would mean having the need to learn new things but little did they know that these changes will benefit them in the long run. Take the uploading of photos for example. I was shocked to see a pop-up bar when I was trying to upload a picture. It took like 5 minutes before I was finally able to upload a photo. But then when I tried adding another photo again, snap, faster than lightning!

So you see, we don't see the big picture yet, so save those complaints and keep them to yourselves until you finally see that all the Facebook changes are simply for the best.

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