Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Open Letter for Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark,

Know things are well and even getting for both you and your creation. I am such a huge fan of Facebook that despite of all the changes that you're implementing, can't help but adopt to them and simply accept them. I've grown a considerable network of friends and relatives in your site that I just can't leave it. I will speak in behalf of your 350 million users about several things that we'd like you to take action with.

Please note that these requests and appeals have already been addressed to you through every possible ways your Facebook users could ever think of. However, it looks like they've never really reached you or if they did, they never really got your attention. Though you're assured that you're connecting us with our friends and relatives, you are not giving us the most comfortable experience that we could ever have. We know you can do better than that, you've actually already made them, you just chose to change them. Mark, we know that things need to get better, but are they? We've got several things we want you to focus on above anything else.

We've been struggling with how to contact you or at least your administrators. Some groups were deleted or suspended right away without even warning the creator of administrator beforehand. Just like you, groups can't just exist then disappear in nowhere. These groups, especially groups with causes, need to reach out to their members and deleting or suspending them right away will take away the real essence of
Facebook--connecting people.

I'm starting to wonder what exactly are your basis for suspending or deleting an account or group. I see pages and groups that are abused or corrupted with pornography. Take a religious group for example. The last time I visited, a link and a picture of a mocking pornography was posted by a "fan" whose sole purpose of joining the group was to defame and mock it. When I click report and heard that many other members did, it's still there. We understand that you've got millions of requests to respond to but it makes me wonder how quick it is for you to delete accounts and group when in this case your action took ages?

Split of News and Live Feed
I don't need to emphasize and elaborate on this. You know we simply hate the confusion it has brought us. Why can't you just simply let things be as they are or used to be? You're only making it difficult for us to really know what's going on with our friends!

Dislike Button
Not everything posted is "Like"-able. Though I personally do not see the great need for this button, you must have seen several groups requesting and appealing to have this button installed. Why don't you give heed to such a simple request. Few lines of codes for this function will make millions of users even more happy.

Mark, though I personally love it, some people just can't take it when all their contents could now be easily indexed by Google. We know about the deal you have with Bing and Google but please, don't compromise your user's privacy and trust just for the sake of profit. Without us, there will be no profits.

Mark, we need you to listen to us, the users. We understand that you can't simply implement everything we demand but please consider those suggestions, or more aptly, demands. We hope that you will really stick to your main goal of connecting people and not just connecting your investors. Remember that user experience and satisfaction is the main soul of your growth.

We look forward to see your response through the changes in Facebook. We know Facebook could be better. And please, don't break things too fast. Slow down and let your feet touch the ground. Being too fast might break you.

(on behalf of your 350 million users)

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