Monday, December 14, 2009

Facebook Privacy Settings Changes Were Carefully Planned

Just before I'm about to sleep, I see tweets saying:

"Facebook's new privacy settings' confuses founder Mark Zuckerberg",
"Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg gets caught by his own privacy settings changes"

and many other variety of mocking comments from users of both Facebook and Twitter about Mark's lack of planning or of his failure to realize that the changes that many people criticize about will also affect him and his private life.

Sorry to disappoint you all but Mark Zuckerberg, the King of Privacy, planned it all. He's just too brilliant and too wise not to anticipate what could happen if he implements a change. He's too clever that he knows this move will cause people to criticize him but will only leave them to murmurings but they will wouldn't leave his wonderful creation as they've already grown attached to it with all their relatives and friends growing on the said network.

Let me wrap up the great reasons why he did it on purpose.

1. More control of privacy settings

You remember the last time there were settings on Facebook that were changed and it got more than half of its membership to criticize the said networking site and their lack of proper planning? Sorry to disappoint you but those were carefully planned. Before a programmer codes a program, he plans the whole thing from the very beginning until the end. From the design until the implementation and most especially on the maintenance. Mark Zuckerberg believes in giving its users the capability to control their privacy settings more than anything else. The new setting may mean unexpected or great exposure in general or in default. But if we try to look at every options, we could still opt to the "Old Settings" or even individually choose whether a particular item or photo could be viewable to the public or not.

2. Business

I may not be the only one to think about Facebook being a great platform for business. With the current changes in Google search results favoring highly the social media inputs or real-time contributions from the users, Facebook has to keep up with the deals and trends. You must have noticed before that when you search for your name, you could barely see your Facebook account at the top result, right? Unless that's the only activity you have online. If your settings stay like your old one and most of your contents "hidden", search engine spiders won't be able to crawl them and pull them up in the search results. Thus, lesser exposure for Facebook. I hope you see the point that it increases the visibility for the businesses that engage into social media networking and for Facebook to be a favorite of internet marketers or business owners too. You see, with the ease in sharing that Twitter gives, Facebook has to catch up. Have you noticed that when you search your site, your Facebook fan page or group now appears unlike before? That is one of the many benefits of the new privacy settings. Visibility for your business on search engines and more patronage for Facebook.

3. Paparazzi

I always believe that Mark Zuckerberg favors being checked out as it is somewhat natural for him to check out on others when he started Facebook. With some parts of his profile accessible to the public, more and more people would like to know more about him and curiosity is best fuel in helping one to keep going. People would get curious and even talk more about him. Thus, more publicity for Facebook. See, the more we criticize him, the more advertisement through word-of-mouth, or in our case, word through blogs, he'd get. I know, he doesn't need more popularity as he already is popular but he needs constant changes and intrigues to keep the popularity burning. At this point, I couldn't think of any other social networking site that could top Facebook's popularity or to challenge it's status. Therefore, they need to keep themselves on top. Just like more celebrities that are considered to be already famous, they need new "issues" to keep them being talked about.

4. Reaching Out

Mark Zuckerberg has been criticized about not being collaborative and interactive with its users. Now, he just made a brilliant move by changing some of his privacy settings into public so we could all get a peek of what it's like to live his life. Through it, it will create a sense of connectivity and openness. Users will get to know more of the man who created such a genius platform for collaboration. Though he couldn't tweet with us all, he decided he can share some of his experiences with us through his photos.

Now, was Mark Zuckerberg a victim of his own plans? Definitely not! The current issues that we're facing, or we're trying to throw at Mark are not breaking him or his creation in any way. It's even stabilizing and strengthening him. Did Mark Zuckerberg made a mistake with the current privacy setting changes? Eat your heart out critics but it only helps me reach his goal of increasing the number of its members. Mark is just too clever not to realize the outcome of what he will do. Before a plan reaches the execution stage, thorough deliberation has been done inside the walls of Facebook and its advertisers. Therefore, anything Facebook does is well planned and not just by chance.

Here are just some of the pictures that became available to the public right after the Privacy settings changes.

He doesn't see the need to hide his teddy bear so Mark Zuckberg made some of his photos public.
Mark Zuckerberg and his angels!
Facebook: A place to show off your vacations.

Mark Zuckerberg with girlfriend, Prisicilla Chan

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